Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

I genuinely love my fans and my following. I love being a cam girl and acting naughty and slutty on my webcam. It gives me a thrill. But once every few months, I get some wacko harassing me, and it started again at 5 o’clock this morning. I’ve had to block this one CRAZY dude by the name of Keith from calling/texting me AND from emailing me. He called me at 5 o’clock in the fucking morning, CLAIMING not to know what time it was, waking both my fiance Bobby AND me up from a sound sleep. First thing Bobby said when this asshole called waking us up…”Let me guess…another psycho?” and yep, he was right! I told Keith off via text message and blocked his number. He then proceeds to email me (going on for 8 fucking hours straight now) professing his love for me while insulting my fiance and my site. He says he’s in love with me while saying we’ve been talking for some time now and I proceed to tell him that he’s getting scammed by some loser, probably out of Nigeria where most the scammers are from, who, yet AGAIN, is stealing my photos for a profit. I have a disclaimer here on my site saying that there’s an abundance of scammers stealing my photos and to be VERY careful who you talk to online so this guy didn’t take it well when I said that I’m HAPPILY engaged and faithful and that we’re planning our wedding right now. I don’t know why some fans/guys get so jealous of the fact that I’m happily in a relationship. I love flirting with men online and even Bobby gets a thrill out of watching other men drool over me and I’ll admit, I love the attention I get from men, but when some psycho is harassing me at 5 in the morning calling me on my site’s phone number even though my site makes it clear that I ONLY return phone calls from fans who have bought a phone call from me, he still proceeded to call me waking me up in the middle of the night. Most my fans are cool, like 95% of them but then you get some loser named Keith who says he’s on his way to jail and can’t afford to book time with me on my webcam (hmm, staying busy breaking the law instead of holding down a real job, eh? Nice!).  This guy’s just pissed because he found out he was in love with someone STEALING my photos and when he found the REAL me, he saw I was in a relationship and he never stood a chance with me. He was looking for love where I’m just here to act like a little cum slut teasing men on the internet with my curves. I’m here to fuck you raw and show you a good time on my webcam but if you’re looking to fall in love with me, you’re out of luck because I’m already in love! But if you need a little slutty fun on webcam, I’m your girl!

Ugh, for real. Show some respect and don’t be desperate. I don’t play that game. That shit gets you blocked quicker than you can blink your eyes. Show me some love and respect and you’ll get lots of lovin’ back from me!

P.S. Here’s the psycho Keith’s number: 315-694-6662. I’m putting this guy on full blast for being full on psycho on me for HOURS today!!!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023”

  1. Hi babe hope you are having a great day and just ignore the idiots they haven’t grown up yet or they haven’t got no respect for you babe xoxox

  2. hey trust me I know what people are doing scam from Ghana and Nigeria and probably Philippines but I am know scammers are using ur pics it not right

  3. hey trust me I know what people are doing scam from Ghana and Nigeria and probably Philippines

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