Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

I am on the verge of tears. I am just SO fucking frustrated with my latest stalker. I’ve seriously never had an obsessed fan go to this length to stalk me and I’ve had my share of stalkers (after all I’ve been a cam girl since 2005), but this guy is just BAD. So much worse than the others. This is the same guy I posted about last week on my blog. He keeps emailing me saying that he’s been talking to me and that he’s in love with me and that I’m lying about being engaged to Bobby so men won’t hit on me. Fuck, I’m engaged and I still find it flattering when men hit on me! Why do you think I’m a cam girl? I like to show off my body and flirt with men! However, there *IS* a certain line I won’t cross. I will NOT cheat on my fiance and I am 100% faithful. The picture included in today’s blog is a picture of me and my fiance Bobby. I know no amount of pictures or proof will convince this man that he hasn’t been talking to me all along but has been talking to someone stealing my photos pretending to be me. These poor men will be scammed out of money by someone, usually from Nigeria, stealing my photos and sweet talking some poor, innocent, unsuspecting man out of his hard earned money. I get emails almost DAILY from fans saying they’ve been ripped off by someone stealing my photos. While this has been happening to me for years and I fucking hate it, there’s not much I can do about it. But this latest stalker has just gone above and beyond. No matter how many times I block him, he just creates new email addresses to contact me. I’ve tried ignoring him and just blocking him and then he’ll create a new fucking email account and pretend to be a fan wanting to buy a cam show from me and then he’ll confess that he’s the same guy that’s been stalking me for the past couple of weeks. He refuses to listen to me or believe me and is obviously mentally unstable because no normal person would go through all this to get to me. I’ve again emailed him today telling him just one more contact with me and the police are getting involved and I’m dead fucking serious.

Seriously, guys….99% of my fans are fucking awesome and I love you all! But you all need to be VERY careful about who you talk to online. This site is the ONLY place you will find me. If you find yourself talking to someone using my photos and you didn’t meet them from this site, you’re getting scammed! I cannot stress this enough. Be careful who you talk to online! And don’t stalk a cam girl online and scare her off to the point where she’s in tears crying because she can’t get you to leave her alone! This shit is scary and beyond stressful that this man is taking it this damn far. Damn. I hope this motherfucker dies a slow, miserable, painful death very, very, very soon.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 10th, 2023”

  1. I publicly apologize. I was caught up in a bunch of lies with someone who I never should have trusted. That was my first mistake!! My second mistake was contacting you to confirm things that were said about you by this woman.

    I do sincerely apologize, and I promise you will not hear from me again!!

    1. You insulted my fiance, my site, myself, and everything about me. You have been relentless in emailing me and calling me and stalking me to the point where I’m scared to even check my damn email anymore in fear that you’ll contact me posing as someone else to get my attention. You have put me through fucking hell for the past two weeks insisting that you were in love with me and that I lied about being engaged. This has been pure fucking torture with you and I wish you nothing but the worst in life for you. Fuck off and die. And disappear out of my life completely. I don’t fucking know you, nor do I want to. You are SICK in the head for putting me through so much fucking hell and anxiety. I don’t know who the hell you’re talking to (probably some sort of scammer out of Nigeria, like I said) but we sure as hell haven’t been talking all this time, not until recently when you decided to go full blown stalker and blow up my fucking phone and email. DIE, PSYCHO, DIE!!!

  2. hey I seen ur pic on dating apps but I know that u not on the dating site but I know have to tell u

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