Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Fuck, I have some guy contacting me this morning insisting that we’re engaged and he’s given me $45,000. I keep trying to tell him that he’s talking to someone stealing my photos pretending to be me and he’s just not having it. I’ve tried explaining it to him that I’m already engaged to another man but he just won’t believe me. I get men contacting me literally almost daily saying that they’ve been talking to someone stealing my photos and pretending to be me, and while it’s frustrating as heck, there’s not much I can do about it without spending a ton of money on lawyers to get DMCA notices to have all my shit taken down from trolls profiting off of my likeness by stealing my photos and scamming men out of money. I’d kill to just be given $45,000 like this man gave to the person stealing my pictures. Fuck, that would be AWESOME! But that’s just not me and I work hard for every penny I earn. I would never scam my fans and hopefully this guy learns soon that he’s not talking to me, but some scammer, probably out of Nigeria, who’s getting rich off this man. But be warned….there are an abundance of scammers out there using my photos to steal money from you and this site here is the ONLY place you’ll find me!

So Bobby surprised me last night with dinner at the Chinese buffet and a night at the hotel. It was awesome! And Bobby played the machines for 10 minutes and won $10,000! He was super happy. He only gave me $100 out of it though. Boo. That part sucked but my vape broke recently so I used that $100 to buy a new one this morning on the way home from the hotel. So all in all, we had a really good night last night. đŸ˜‰