Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

I’ve been SO busy lately, mostly with my Nintendo Switch OLED, and trying to find fun games to play on it! I’ve spent WAY too much money on games!!! I’ve got to chill, for sure. Speaking of which, as lame as it sounds, I actually devoted a fan page to my Nintendo Switch here on my site!

Click here to view it.

It still needs some work as I’m still building up my Nintendo Switch collection but I’ll be adding to that page as my Nintendo Switch collection grow.

Don’t forget, I’ve got a new username on Instagram so don’t forget to follow me on there today! My Instagram username is CamerellaStorm so find me on Instagram and follow me! My Twitter username is XOXOCamerella and my username on Reddit is MissCamerella so I’m everywhere. Follow me today!

Bobby got me a new wedding ring for when we get married and I’m supposed to go pick it up from the jeweler’s today since it needed to be resized to fit my fingers but I’m definitely excited! I’m also meeting Bobby for dinner tonight so we’ll have a really nice romantic dinner together tonight. đŸ˜‰