Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

So, yesterday I posted I was on TruffleLive, an app that is similar to OnlyFans where I can sell my content and interact with fans. Honestly, I hate the app, I’m making very little money off of it, and it’s just a pain in the ass. I’m getting TONS of messages from guys on there (no surprise there), all of which have no interest in actually purchasing any of my content, so don’t expect me to be hanging on there very often, if at all. Hmm, still trying to decide if it’s even worth keeping my account on there. So I guess we’ll see but right now, my site here is the main place I sell my content, all custom made. So your best bet is just to browse my site and then contact me to buy one of my cam shows, videos, picture sets, phone calls, personal meetings or used panties! Right here is the best place to find me and again, beware of scammers stealing my photos to rip you off!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023”

    1. Now you could sell those short hairs.…After a fresh Sunday shave on that cooter .. knowing those hairs were on that meaty pussy on Saturday would be a big seller . Guys thinking about all the sweet and salty juices that were in those hairs …yum 😋 and raffle off the razor once a week .. maybe even sell a vid of you shaving that puppy .. I know I would drop my pants and throw a towel on the floor for easy cleaning up after some serious wrist action to a vid of you lathering up that juicy clam . I know without a doubt this message is going in the delete box … haha

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