Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

OMG what a day I had yesterday! Bobby had promised to give me the $3700 he had won at the casino last week. I felt terrible taking it but he insisted, saying he’d just give it back to the casino anyway and it was better that I had it. So I took $500 of that money and booked us a hotel for three nights at the casino hotel. I gave Bobby $100 to go gambling with. I took $200 and gambled, only coming ahead by $27 so I lost but Bobby won another $800 last night. It’s not fair. He always seems to win big and I rarely ever do. The most I ever won was $400, but then again he spends a lot more time gambling than I do. He’s definitely a gambling addict which can make things stressful at times but very rarely and it’s fun when he wins! I gave my mom $300, after spending $40 on her for a new robe this morning. She deserved something nice for being such a good mom! I spent $130 on Amazon buying a new vibrator for my cam shows, I bought Bobby his birthday presents (his birthday is next week…I ordered him a customized photo of my ass – he’s obsessed with my ass – and I ordered him the greatest hits CD by The Carpenters) and I renewed my subscription to YouTube TV so I can have cable. So it was a lot of fun! What’s left of the money which is around $2000, I’m putting back into savings. We’re staying at the hotel again tonight and tomorrow night so it’s going to be awesome! We’re having so much fun!