Thursday, May 11th, 2023

I’m sorry for being such a downer on my blog post yesterday, guys! I was just REALLY stressed out and having a moment. But things seemed to have calmed down now and things are going much better! But this is my blog, after all. My place to vent. My place to just be me. I’m going to give you guys the real deal. The raw deal. The real ME. I’m not going to hide anything from my fans. You get all of me, the good and the bad. This site is like my safe space. If I’m feeling naughty and slutty, I suggest booking time with me on my webcam to see me act our sexual fantasies together. If I’m feeling annoyed/pissed/mad/sad/angry/whatever, I vent here on my blog, and it’s a release. I get to stay in touch with my fans on my site. I get to release my sexual side and flirt with men online and it gives me a thrill. I love being able to express myself on here, whatever is going on. And I love those who check my blog and keep up with me!

So, I’ve really got to watch my spending. I’ve been spending so much money on video games and on fast food. LOL. I’ve been craving Arby’s like every fucking day. A roast beef sandwich, curly fries dipped in cheddar sauce, and a Sprite! I’m obsessed! AHH! LOL. I’m staying home from Bobby’s tonight and am just going to chill and relax. I’m staying home this weekend. I desperately need some time to myself.

I bought some new video games for my Nintendo Switch. I got Minecraft, Just Dance, Tetris, and a few others. Minecraft and Just Dance were on sale so hell yeah! I got them! Oh, and here’s my newest Mario backpack I just bought too!

And who’s enjoying the pussy shot this morning included in my post today? I was feeling kind of naughty when I got home this morning! Lol. Enjoy, naughty boys!!! I’m home all weekend for slutty cam shows so hit me up, those of you looking to play and see me live on my webcam!

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