Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

Am I crazy? Maybe so. Bobby paid for us another night at the luxurious casino hotel so we’ll be staying again tonight, making it our fourth night at the hotel. I paid for the first three nights just because I wanted to get away from home but he surprised me by paying for another night last night which while incredibly sweet, I was ready to come home tonight! That’s okay though. I’ve got all weekend to relax at home. I did come home today to check on my cat and feed him and to do some cam shows. I’ll meet Bobby back again at the hotel tonight when he gets off work. I had a few hours to myself at the hotel yesterday afternoon/early evening and I watched “Notorious” about the rapper the Notorious B.I.G. on HBO and I forgot how good that movie was. I made my way down to the little cafe inside of the casino and ordered a grilled cheese with turkey and cheese fries and it’s a wonder I didn’t gain 5 lbs! But it was delicious. I’ve definitely been enjoying my little stay-cation this week and while it’ll be sad to see it end when we check out tomorrow, I’ll be glad to be home. It’ll definitely be bittersweet.