Sunday, May 7th, 2023

Do I really want to eat at Arby’s again today? I’ve eaten there 2-3 times in the last week but I’ve become obsessed with their roast beef and cheddar sandwiches and curly fries dipped in cheddar sauce. I need this. I’m hungry and it sounds good so I ordered it in on Door Dash to be delivered. I was bad. Lol.

I’m spending the weekend at home resting after my night at the casino/hotel with Bobby on Friday night. We were up late eating dinner at a four star restaurant inside of the casino, then we went upstairs to the room in the hotel inside of the casino and spent the night fucking hard and raw. He even licked my asshole for a good 10 minutes. It feels like a massage every time his tongue is inside my asshole. Not many guys enjoy putting their tongue in a girl’s ass but I fucking love it. He also ate my pussy and made me cum so hard that he had to take 5 Tums after eating me out because I came so much down his throat and he had to swallow all of my cum and pussy juices. It was magical.

I got two new Mario games for my Nintendo Switch! I just updated my Nintendo Switch fan page part of my site so check it out today if you’re into gaming and like to see what I enjoy playing! I’m even now offering an option for my fans, where for you can battle me in games on Nintendo Switch, if you’re a fan of video games and would like to play against me! Click here to learn more. And of course, I’m still offering erotic cam shows, nude photos, XXX videos, hot phone sex, used panties, personal meetings, and much more here on my site so feel free to browse around and learn more about me and what I have to offer! I offer everything from the tame to the taboo! Nothing’s off limits!

Here are my two newest Mario games!




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  1. He is one lucky guy to be able to do that to you that many times

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