Sunday, February 19th, 2023

My ass is draaaaggin’ this morning. I haven’t been drinking coffee that much lately so I was pretty proud of myself. But this morning I couldn’t stand it and I had to go pour myself half a cup of that wonderful black brew. Oh well.

I burnt my finger on the Foreman yesterday. Fuckin’ bastard. It hurt. I cried. 🙁 But I sure did make one hell of a burger. 🙂 Yep.

This afternoon Lindsey and I met up with Annie at Barnes and Noble. It sure was swell! I haven’t seen Annie in such a long time. I miss that fool. We just caught up on things and what not. I don’t know how long we were in there but it felt like forever. I hope we can all hang out again soon because I really miss that. And I was really happy to hear that things for her are going really well. YEAH FOR GOOD THINGS!

I am so damn tired from staying out late last night with my girls. My stomach has been giving me problems all friggin’ day. I am going to bed. Screw staying up late and goofing around online or watching movies – I am getting some rest.