My Cats

So, I decided to dedicate a page on my site to my cats! LOL. I want my fans to know everything about me and my cats are a huge part of my life.

Meet Kitty. Yes, that’s his name. I was browsing through Craigslist in January of 2021 and there was an ad posted for Kitty. He was a little black kitten that had been abandoned outside and he was just a tiny little baby. The many who worked as a maintenance man for the apartment complex carried Kitty home with Kitty purring the whole way home. They bathed him and fed him and then they posted an ad on Craigslist and a week later, I adopted him!

Meet Fat Cat. Yes, that’s his name. For at least now. I thought about naming him Fat Bastard off of the fat villain from the Austin Powers movie franchise, but for now, I’ll let Fat Cat keep his dignity and just be called Fat Cat. Fat Cat has been hanging around for over a year now. He’s fat, he’s huge, and he’s hungry. Kitty only weighs 10 lbs but is still a lot bigger than Kitty! Fat Cat is/was a feral/stray cat but I’ve tamed him some to where he’ll sometimes let me pet him on his head and nose and cheeks and will let me scratch his neck and chin some. He’s awfully old and moody so his mood depends on how affectionate he is. He doesn’t spend a lot of time inside but he’s pretty much formally adopted me. I only need one cat though! But I hate to see a cat go hungry so I feed his fat ass to silence my own demons. 

Last, but not least, is Stumpy. Stumpy is another stray tabby with a short tail (hence the name Stumpy – it has a stump of a tail). Stumpy won’t let me very close to him/her but he/she is still a kitten with the cutest tiniest little meow. SO CUTE!!! I haven’t gotten close enough to tell if Stumpy is a boy or a girl and I can’t get close enough to get a decent picture but Stumpy lives on my patio and I feed him/her twice a day.

Love of animals runs in my family. My Granny, who helped raise me, had 9 cats once! I always had cats growing up and always loved animals. I’m more of a cat person but if the dog doesn’t like me or sniff me a ton and doesn’t bark a lot, then I’ll like that dog too! I love animals more than people on most days. They’re quick to love and slow to judge you!