Monday, May 22, 2023

I have REALLY big news, guys! I am now active on a new app called TruffleLive! I can sell pictures, videos, and cam shows on there! It’s similar to OnlyFans and you can download it today on your smart phone! I will be posting daily and interacting with fans daily on TruffleLive. If you want to message me on there and get my attention, your bet is to contact me about buying some of my content that I sell! I offer erotic cam shows, nude photos, XXX videos, hot phone sex, used panties and more! I will also be posting exclusive content daily on TruffleLive that you can purchase! Follow me today on TruffleLive! My username on there is Camerella. I’m going to be treating TruffleLive more like Snapchat. Posting random fun pictures, videos, and chat with fans, etc. You can buy my exclusive custom content on there as well! So it’ll be really fun today! Download TruffleLive and find em under the username Camerella today! Free content for my everyday fans and exclusive content for my paying fans! Show a little love! It goes a long way!

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