Monday, February 20th, 2023

I had every intention of pulling an all nighter last night and stay up all night but that didn’t quite work out. Bobby had taken me out to dinner last night and I ate so much food, I was so sleepy, I couldn’t stay awake last night. Whoops. I’m going to Bobby’s tonight to stay with him, as tired as I am. I miss him though so I’m excited to see him.

I went up to the vape shop today and stocked up on vape juice and then grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich from McAlister’s Deli for lunch. It was awesome!

I’ve been kind of wanting to adopt a chihuahua puppy. I found one online for $1200 and I’m *considering* getting it. Considering is the key word here. I haven’t officially decided yet as that’s a lot of money for a puppy but they’re just so cute! I’ve wanted a chihuahua puppy for years now. Not sure how my cat would react though. I think he’d like a little playmate though. đŸ˜‰