Monday, February 13th, 2023

Who else watched he Superbowl last night? I only watched the halftime show with Rihanna. I was a bit surprised to see she was pregnant yet again. Second time in the past year! Ha. The girl has been busy, huh? I’m just glad the game is over. I’m really not a big fan of sports. In 2016, I was in Denver during the Superbowl when the Broncos made the Superbowl, my dad and step-mom stayed at home watching the game, while my brother and I skipped out and drove around Denver which was deserted and we got to do some shopping and had all the stores to ourselves! It was awesome. Ha ha. I’m staying with my man at his house tonight. I’ll be glad to leave the house as I’ve spent most the weekend at home so it’ll be fun. 😉 Oh, and may I add, I now have Rihanna’s song “Diamonds” stuck in my head now. Ugh!

I just added a ton of new photos to my gallery so check it out now! Lots of new sexy pictures of me and my friends!

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