Goals for 2023

Over the years I have really wanted to achieve some things or get some things.  I have some pretty large dreams.  🙂  So here are my goals.  These are things I want, things I want to do, and the dreams I have…. all of them I want to accomplish as soon as I can.

Last updated on:  2/9/23

  • Buy a sweet electric guitar and learn to play it like a mean bad-ass!

  • Buy a beautiful house.

  • Lead a better life!

  • Be happy with my appearance.

  • Not care what people think.

  • Go camping for days straight without technology or running water.  Yikes!  😉

  • Write a book.  Doesn’t have to get published but it would be nice if it did!  😉

  • Make TONS of money when I grow up.

  • Eventually be able to truthfully say that I have $1,000,000 in my bank or savings account.

  • Learn to play the stocks.

  • Finally get a purple Camaro!

  • Smile more often.

  • Lose weight and tone up!

  • Get that perfect tan!  😉

  • Become healthier.

  • Get the perfect smile

  • Meet and talk to at least one major celebrity.

  • Become a celebrity myself?  He He!

  • Go to at least one professional photo shoot.

  • Earn my AA, bachelors, and masters degree.

  • Learn to deal with my emotions better.

  • Never take advantage of anyone.

  • Try to be an overall good person.