Friday, March 10th, 2023

So, yesterday was kind of funny. I was taking an Uber home from the hotel to my house yesterday morning and the Uber driver I have was complimenting my voice saying it sounded sexy and I sounded like a sex worker when I talked. LOL. If he only knew, that I’m a cam girl in real life! I AM a sex worker! Ha ha! I didn’t have the courage to tell him my real life job though but I appreciated the compliment nonetheless.

I’ve been in such a funk this week and all I want to do is just sleep. I’m still doing cam shows in the afternoon, evenings and some nights, but I’d give anything to just be able to lay in bed one weekend and never leave my bed. Ugh, a girl can dream….

I was wanting to take Bobby out to dinner tonight to Braum’s by my house for a salad he’s been wanting but he has to work so it may be tomorrow or Sunday before I can see him again and get a kiss and get him fed. I just want to be a good fiance/wifey and take care of him and make sure he’s fed and happy. I’m so domesticated. đŸ˜‰