First time here?

First time here?

If it is, let me take a second to explain to you what exactly this site is about. This is considered my personal venue. I use it as a journal that is open to the public as well as a way for people to access my webcam. To put it simply, I just have a lot of fun doing this!

I thank you very much for coming, it means a lot to me that people take the time to visit my site and see the work I put into it. Whether it be because you’re coming because of my blog (the journal), my webcam, or for any other reason…. thank you.

At times there may be things I do or say that you may not deem appropriate or might have a problem with. If this happens, I encourage you to simply leave the site. I will tell you now I am not doing this for anyone else. This is all 100% raw me. I am not going to put on a show nor censor what I say or do because a few people have a problem with it. You are welcome to email me with your concerns but I can tell you right now I am not going to change for anyone. I am paying for this domain and I will continue with it as I see fit. Please refrain from sending me emails or messages that are harsh, hurtful, racist, or that come off as preaching; trying to change my ways or beliefs. They will be deleted and you will not receive a reply. To put it all simply, respect my opinions because that is what they are, purely opinions.

Why do I delete the negative comments? I don’t delete them all. I want my site to be filled with positive things, not remarks that are meant to hurt my feelings or bash me in any way. No one wants to hear that, so why should I? I do accept helpful criticism or criticism that in no way is meant to put me down. I respect those people and their comments will be replied to.

For the people who have seriously never seen a “blog/journal/cam” site, let me explain to you for a second what this is. The updated posts you see along my website with the dates and such is called a blog. In other words, it’s just an ordinary journal of happenings in my life. What I do on a day-to-day basis. It will be filled with positive and negative things occurring in my life at the moment. While it would be nice to post about just positive things, I do have my bad days and from time to time you will notice that my posts are not so pleasant. Again, you will just have to deal with this seeing as how I am only human and my mood is never a good one year round. I have my moments.

My blog and website itself is totally free and I charge nothing for you to browse my site. The blog is simply an outlet for me to vent and is a way for my fans to get to know the real me as well. To get a glimpse to the girl behind the pictures and site.  There is no requirement for you to buy any of my services to visit my site. I appreciate all my fans who visit my site, whether you’re just browsing, or whether you decide to book some time with my on my cam. This site is the real me. The blog is more about me, my everyday life, my friends, family, loves, dreams, and much, much more. The webcam is more of my naughty side, my slutty side. A way for me to act like the sexual deviant I’ve always been and probably always will be. I see nothing wrong with nudity or sexuality and don’t mind showing off my body and my wild side on my webcam. Sex shouldn’t be kept behind closed doors. We all get horny. It’s a natural thing. I’ve had my fair share of hate mail bashing me for being a cam girl, but you know what? If it bothers you, simply don’t come back to my site. This is who I am and I am not ashamed to share myself with the world.

The best way to reach me is through email. My email address is [email protected].  However, I also have KIK messenger.  PLEASE try and understand that I get so many messages that is is VERY hard to respond quickly and keep up with all of them! I get a lot of requests for cam shows and other services I offer when I am online and those messaging me to set up one of my services do get answered first. I try my hardest to get back to everyone.  Be patient, I will get back to you.  If it is important or you have an important question, the best way to get it to me is email.  Getting into long, detailed conversations through instant messengers might not be the best idea seeing as how it is pretty difficult for me to remember everything.  Please do not get offended if I do not remember who you are.  I try my hardest to remember everyone but it is hard to keep up with names and hundreds of screen names. The people who contact me wishing to buy one of my services will get answered first before the rest, however, I do my best to get back to the ones who are dropping into say hi and just wanting to chat.

I get a lot of questions from new visitors asking me what a wish list is. My wish list is a list of items that I want or find interesting. Any items purchased off this list are sent directly to my house. So basically you are buying presents for me. I do not ask that people buy me these all the time, it is just a nice surprise when a package arrives at my doorsteps. If you buy anything off my wish list please contact me. I am very thankful for those who do and I am willing to send you a thank you note. I also make sure to throw in a cam show, video, or picture set as well to thank you for my gift.