Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

I’ve been SO busy lately. I have been swamped! I’ve been working a lot on my webcam to earn some extra cash to pay myself back for spending too much money on video games in the past week! I feel terrible. My anxiety has been through the roof lately worrying about money. I’ve still got money in savings and everything, but I’ve really got to be careful with money for awhile. I love camming though so it’s always fun to hop on cam and act like a little slut! LOL. I love the attention I get from men, I’m not gonna lie! With big tits and my love of video games, men love me. hehe.

Bobby got one hell of a fucking blow job last night! I sucked his dick REAL GOOD. So much so, that my whole body was sweating and he was covered in my spit from me sucking his cock and kissing and licking his entire body in the process and I swallowed all of his cum. I was exhausted after and fell right asleep! Bobby promised to make me dinner AND eat my pussy good tonight so he definitely owes me!

Friday, April 21st, 2023

I am turning into a little gamer girl. I’ve been obsessed with playing my new Nintendo Switch. I’ve spent way too much time and money on games and accessories so I’ve gotta slow down but I’ve gotten a bunch of cool games including Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Chef Life, Animal Crossing, plus all my old school Super Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3. It’s been fun! I blame my cousin Andrew. He came over last weekend with his Switch showing me how awesome the latest gaming system is so I bought it! I managed to sell my Nintendo Wii on Craigslist Wednesday to help get some of my money back. And Bobby was nice enough to give me some cash on Wednesday so I’m really grateful. I managed to take a little nap today and then did my hair and makeup so I could look pretty to do some cam shows today which was fun. So it’s definitely been a great week for me!

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

I hadn’t seen my cousin Andrew in almost 5 years, despite him living just a few miles up the street from me. I had pretty much cut myself off from my family in the past few years, due to some personal issues, but Andrew and I grew up super close and he was like a brother to me growing up. We stopped hanging out when I was about 12 and have reconnected here and there over the years and decided to get in touch again a few weeks ago. We both really love video games so I invited him to come to my place on Saturday to hang out and to bring his Nintendo Switch with him. The last Nintendo console I had was a Super Nintendo and that was in the 90’s so I’m a little outdated. I had bought a Nintendo Wii console back in December but I only touched it a handful of times. I just wasn’t that into it but the Nintendo Switch is a thousand times better, plus it’s portable and I can take it everywhere I go, so I decided to go ahead and buy me one on Monday. It was expensive as fuck ($350 new for the Nintendo Switch OLED edition) but it was so worth it. I love it! I’m really glad I hung out with my cousin this past weekend because I can finally become the Nintendo geek I once was growing up! I’ve got so many new games to learn! I’m probably just gonna sell my Nintendo Wii, to be honest. I never use it and doubt I will that I have my Switch, so I listed my Nintendo Wii for sale on Craigslist and Facebook and am hoping it sells soon. The extra cash would be nice.

It was great to reconnect with Andrew though. But I’m still not ready to reconnect with the rest of my family. They’ve burned me a lot. I’m still cool with my parents and my sister Lindsey and Andrew (the cousin) but I’m definitely not ready to go full blown back into my family’s lives again. But I have Bobby and he’s more than enough family for me. We went to IHOP last night and he paid for it and he also showed me a BEAUTIFUL engagement ring he bought me to put with the one I already have now so I can wear them as a set. He’s supposed to have it sized for me and give it to me next week. It’s beautiful and I am SO excited!!! Life’s really been good lately. 😉

Thursday, April 13th, 2023

I just had an Arby’s roast beef and cheddar sandwich for breakfast. LOL. So yummy.

I have some good news for those of you who follow me. I’m back on Tumblr! Click here to view my new Tumblr page and be sure to follow me and check back often because I’ll be posting often on there!

Wednesday, April 12th, 2023

I ate too much yesterday and am having to fast today. I gained a pound and a half from eating the Chinese buffet yesterday so today I fast! I’ve really been into health and wellness lately and getting my body into the best shape.

Bobby and I had the best sex (again) last night after we got home from eating dinner. I sucked his cock good swallowing all of his cum and he ate me out causing me to cum all over his face.  I loved every bit of it! I came SO good. The sex with him is seriously the best I have ever had. He makes me cum more than any other man I’ve ever been with.

I’ve really been trying to reconnect with my family again. I’ve been texting my two cousins Sean and Andrew a lot who were like my brothers growing up. I lost touch with a majority of my family in 2018 because of differences. We’ve both made our mistakes and I’m still hurt over stuff they’ve done to me but I’ve messed up with too so I’d like to see if maybe we can make things better and continue to work on our family dynamic again. I do miss them a lot.

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

Well, guess who just got done fucking? Included in today’s post is a picture of my leg with his cum running down my legs after he just got done fucking me and cumming inside my pussy. Hehe. You might need to zoom in but take a close look at the picture and see Bobby’s cum running down my legs. In a couple of hours from now, Bobby and I are going to eat Chinese. I can’t wait because I’ve been fasting since Saturday night and am hungry!

Monday, April 10th, 2023

My toxic trait is that I like to confuse people. I’ve noticed this trait runs in my family, so I know it’s a learned behavior.

Most times, I’ll supply very little information. Rarely, I’ll tell someone what’s happening in real-time, but only if it benefits me. Other times, I’ll supply partial information in drips, but not as it’s happening, and not in sequential order. I’ll tell one person one thing, and tell someone else another and leave everyone a bit confused.

My toxic trait is that I like to confuse people. I’ve noticed this trait runs in my family, so I know it’s a learned behavior.

Most times, I’ll supply very little information. Rarely, I’ll tell someone what’s happening in real-time, but only if it benefits me. Other times, I’ll supply partial information in drips, but not as it’s happening, and not in sequential order. I’ll tell one person one thing, and tell someone else another and leave everyone a bit confused.

I disappear often and people who think they’re close to me are left feeling like complete strangers. I’ll disconnect from people for a year or two and then just pop back up like hey girl! I need long breaks. Anyone who knows me in real life can attest to this — all of this.

I have commitment issues. I’m terrified of being stuck — in an elevator, an airplane, or in a relationship. I need to be able to leave any situation in 60 seconds or less and when I’m gone … I’m gone.

I prefer being alone. I don’t feel safe in the world and I always need to feel and be slippery. I operate like, well, an operative. Like a woman on the run. An agent. Like my pen doubles as a grenade. Because it does.

With me, the math doesn’t math … on purpose. You’ll think you know something about me, only to realize you know nothing at all. I’ll be there one minute and then poof! I’m gone. Never getting stuck. Not with a person. Not with a circumstance.

Remember that I’ve told you this. It’ll help what happens next to make even more (or less) sense

Sunday, April 9th, 2023

Happy Easter! What am I doing today? I’m resting in bed still trying to let my back heal after popping a ton of Ibuprofen. I’m gonna hop on cam later and do some cam shows.

Bobby showed up last night about 8:30 p.m. with some food I had left at his house and we spent some time together on the couch cuddling and holding each other and it felt so amazing. I slept damn good last night too.

I just want to thank those of you who regularly read my blog. I really appreciate those who keep up with me. 😉

Saturday, April 8th, 2023

I ate too much yesterday and gained 2 lbs. Ugh. I even ate some McDonald’s chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch yesterday. McDonald’s is my favorite fast food restaurant and I just adore their chicken nuggets and fries! But I’m fasting today to work on getting off the weight I gained from yesterday.

I’m SO tired today and plan on resting today. I think I took too many edibles/gummies last night because I was out like a light last night and it felt great to sleep that well!

I technically only have one cat. A little black cat I rescued as a kitten 2 years ago. But there’s an older stray cat (a tabby) who is HUGE but I don’t think he belongs to anyone. My cat (his name is Kitty) is the sweetest cat ever but Fat Cat, being the stray that he is, is always desperate./hungry for food and now he just wanders straight into my apartment anytime I open the front door and he runs in begging for food. Last night Fat Cat ran inside and I couldn’t get him to leave so Fat Cat AND Kitty both slept on my roommate’s bed. Kitty tolerates Fat Cat but Fat Cat always hisses at Kitty but they mostly ignore each other. Here’s a picture of Fat Cat. Ain’t he cute? Like my grandmother and my aunt, I always make sure to feed the little strays around my apartment, officially making me the crazy cat lady. Haha!

Now that I’ve finished my coffee, I’m going to watch “Cheaters” on VH1 like I do every Saturday/Sunday morning. 😉

Friday, April 7th, 2023

My lower back pain is finally starting to heal, thank God! So I don’t have to make a trip the doctor/hospital now. I’m about to hop on cam tonight for an hour or two before calling it a night and going to bed and I’ll be camming tomorrow too. I might go out with my girlfriends tomorrow night bar hopping since I’m starting to feel better. I could definitely use a girls night.

So, I finally caved tonight and told my dad I have my medical marijuana card and have since December. He took it surprisingly well and said he didn’t have a problem with marijuana for medical purposes. I rarely smoke it but if I have trouble sleeping, I’ll take a gummy or an edible to help me sleep as I suffer from terrible insomnia. Ugh. My mom’s even cool with it. She’s been experiencing a lot of back pain and she’ll even take an edible sometimes at night to help with pain and sleep so both my conservative Christian parents are cool with it LOL. My family is super religious so I don’t tell them much but at least my parents and my sister know I use medical marijuana occasionally as needed. Bobby would be pissed if he knew though so I try and keep it from him as he’s so anti-drugs, ani-tobacco and anti-alcohol. He’s not even that religious and he’s so straight lace but the sex is fucking awesome so I reckon I’ll keep around for awhile. Hehe. 😉 Oh, and while Bobby does know about me being a cam girl and is cool with it, I could never tell my family so my sexuality is definitely our little secret. hehe 😉

Oh, and I spent way too much money at Wal-Mart yesterday. All on clothes, mostly shoes. Over $2o0 spent. Ugh. Girls and their shoes…..wow…