Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

OMG what a day I had yesterday! Bobby had promised to give me the $3700 he had won at the casino last week. I felt terrible taking it but he insisted, saying he’d just give it back to the casino anyway and it was better that I had it. So I took $500 of that money and booked us a hotel for three nights at the casino hotel. I gave Bobby $100 to go gambling with. I took $200 and gambled, only coming ahead by $27 so I lost but Bobby won another $800 last night. It’s not fair. He always seems to win big and I rarely ever do. The most I ever won was $400, but then again he spends a lot more time gambling than I do. He’s definitely a gambling addict which can make things stressful at times but very rarely and it’s fun when he wins! I gave my mom $300, after spending $40 on her for a new robe this morning. She deserved something nice for being such a good mom! I spent $130 on Amazon buying a new vibrator for my cam shows, I bought Bobby his birthday presents (his birthday is next week…I ordered him a customized photo of my ass – he’s obsessed with my ass – and I ordered him the greatest hits CD by The Carpenters) and I renewed my subscription to YouTube TV so I can have cable. So it was a lot of fun! What’s left of the money which is around $2000, I’m putting back into savings. We’re staying at the hotel again tonight and tomorrow night so it’s going to be awesome! We’re having so much fun!

Monday, February 20th, 2023

I had every intention of pulling an all nighter last night and stay up all night but that didn’t quite work out. Bobby had taken me out to dinner last night and I ate so much food, I was so sleepy, I couldn’t stay awake last night. Whoops. I’m going to Bobby’s tonight to stay with him, as tired as I am. I miss him though so I’m excited to see him.

I went up to the vape shop today and stocked up on vape juice and then grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich from McAlister’s Deli for lunch. It was awesome!

I’ve been kind of wanting to adopt a chihuahua puppy. I found one online for $1200 and I’m *considering* getting it. Considering is the key word here. I haven’t officially decided yet as that’s a lot of money for a puppy but they’re just so cute! I’ve wanted a chihuahua puppy for years now. Not sure how my cat would react though. I think he’d like a little playmate though. πŸ˜‰

Sunday, February 19th, 2023

My ass is draaaaggin’ this morning. I haven’t been drinking coffee that much lately so I was pretty proud of myself. But this morning I couldn’t stand it and I had to go pour myself half a cup of that wonderful black brew. Oh well.

I burnt my finger on the Foreman yesterday. Fuckin’ bastard. It hurt. I cried. πŸ™ But I sure did make one hell of a burger. πŸ™‚ Yep.

This afternoon Lindsey and I met up with Annie at Barnes and Noble. It sure was swell! I haven’t seen Annie in such a long time. I miss that fool. We just caught up on things and what not. I don’t know how long we were in there but it felt like forever. I hope we can all hang out again soon because I really miss that. And I was really happy to hear that things for her are going really well. YEAH FOR GOOD THINGS!

I am so damn tired from staying out late last night with my girls. My stomach has been giving me problems all friggin’ day. I am going to bed. Screw staying up late and goofing around online or watching movies – I am getting some rest.

Saturday, February 18th, 2023

I’m so happy it’s finally the weekend! I’ve got plans tonight to go out with my sister Lindsey tonight to a local bar for some drinks and dancing so it’ll be nice to get out of the house for a girls night out. And of course I totally plan on wearing something tight and sexy when we go out later. Lol. I really love the attention I get when I go out wearing something sexy. The way guys stare at my ass and tits gives me such a thrill. I’ll be on my webcam today though until it’s time to start getting ready for tonight. I’ve gotta work on my hair and makeup to look my best for later. πŸ˜‰

I’ve been on such an Arby’s kick lately. I absolutely adore their beef and cheddar sandwiches. I might order in lunch from them today from Door Dash. They’re SO good! I spend way too much money on Door Dash having food delivered. Lol.

Friday, February 17th, 2023

I just went out to an amazing breakfast with Bobby at IHOP. Ugh, I ate too much! The meal was delicious though, even if they were super busy and we had to wait for awhile for our food. Afterwards, I went to Wal-Greens and spent too much money on some makeup products, some snacks and shampoo. A girl loves to shop. πŸ˜‰ Afterwards, I went to the dispensary to pick up a little THC to help me sleep tonight.

I uploaded a new video of myself on Pornhub so click here to view it! I also uploaded some new photos to my gallery so be sure to click here to check out my new photos!

Thursday, February 16th, 2023

I really need to stop sleeping so much during the day because I simply could not sleep last night. So it was no surprise that I was home this morning by 7:30 after spending the night with Bobby. He worked late last night and it was 8:30 p.m. when he got home from work last night. I am always grateful to him for working so hard everyday so I gave him one hell of a blow job last night to thank him for his hard work.

I’m watching the newest episode of My 600 lb Life on TLC. This dude on here today is 705 lbs. I can’t imagine letting myself get that fat! Whenever I gain a little weight, I always go on a diet to lose the weight I’ve gained. This is insane!

So this little stray cat keeps hanging around begging to be fed and I’ve started letting him in some. He’s starting to really warm up to me and is such a good boy. Isn’t he precious?

P.S. 10:34 a.m. I’m getting some random dude commenting on this post calling me Connie and saying we’re engaged. Honey, you’re talking to an imposter and it is NOT me! There’s an abundance of people out there stealing my photos and I get emails daily from people who are scammed by people, mostly in Nigeria, stealing my photos so beware!!!

Monday, February 13th, 2023

Who else watched he Superbowl last night? I only watched the halftime show with Rihanna. I was a bit surprised to see she was pregnant yet again. Second time in the past year! Ha. The girl has been busy, huh? I’m just glad the game is over. I’m really not a big fan of sports. In 2016, I was in Denver during the Superbowl when the Broncos made the Superbowl, my dad and step-mom stayed at home watching the game, while my brother and I skipped out and drove around Denver which was deserted and we got to do some shopping and had all the stores to ourselves! It was awesome. Ha ha. I’m staying with my man at his house tonight. I’ll be glad to leave the house as I’ve spent most the weekend at home so it’ll be fun. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and may I add, I now have Rihanna’s song “Diamonds” stuck in my head now. Ugh!

I just added a ton of new photos to my gallery so check it out now! Lots of new sexy pictures of me and my friends!

Saturday, February 11th, 2023

Whoo, tonight after I get done camming! I am gonna get lit! It’s Saturday night and it’s party night! I cannot wait! I so badly need a party night. I’ve spent a good chunk of the day on my webcam getting frisky. I have just been feeling extra naughty lately and have had a lot of fun cam shows today on Streamate. Last show I did was with a guy named Dan who wanted me to titty fuck him while fingering his asshole at the same time so that was fun. Lol. I like the kinky shows I do. I got these awesome new black stockings to wear in my cam shows (pictured in the picture above). So I’ve been enjoying those. I’m working on getting my Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram back up and running again so I’m hoping my fans will be glad to see that I’m back online and camming again. πŸ˜‰

Friday, February 10th, 2023

Happy Friday, guys! My site is basically done and back up and running! I’m so happy to be back and have my blog back again! I’ve missed you guys over the past few weeks! I’m now offering cam shows and other services again so feel free to hit me up if you’d like to play!

OMG, so much has happened since December, before I took my site down for a little breather! I got really sick back in December with diabetes, the week before Christmas, and was even in the hospital overnight when my blood sugar spiked too high and it just kicked my ass and got me super sick. But I’m doing so much better now and have it under control! I’m trying to eat healthier now, with high protein, low carbs. It’s helping! I’m even losing a little weight and getting into better shape!

Things are going good with my fiance Bobby and me. I feel like I should be spending more time with him though so I really need to work on that.

Other than that, life is going great! I spend a lot of time on my webcam. I’m working on maybe moving in a few months if I can get some help with housing which I’m working on, but I’m still in the same apartment and it’s going well!

Friday, February 9th, 2023

So, my site is just about complete! YAY! The only thing left is to add a gallery with some more of my pictures in it for you all to look at and admire. Other than that, my site is pretty much done with the exception of adding some picture galleries and a few tweaks here and there. I had my site up from August of 2021 until December of 2022 and took a little breather to regroup. I really just wanted to redo my site and start over so here I am! You didn’t really think you could get rid of me that easy, did you? Hehe. Well, I’ll be posting blogs on my site daily, sort of an online diary, if you will. So keep checking back daily because I’ll be posting updates often!